Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, no chemo tomorrow...

I met with the doctor today to review my bloodwork, and to my surprise my white blood cell counts are too low, so no chemo tomorrow. They will re-test my blood on Monday and plan for chemo Tuesday. On the one hand I'm looking forward to feeling good all weekend now, but it does push everything out almost a week...

And no, eating differently or resting or exercising or sleeping - none of that affects the white blood cell count, I just have to wait (and not get sick!)

I did run 5km last night, so maybe I can get another couple of runs in before this next chemo...



  1. I hope you get good weather for your bonus weekend. and nice job with the new blog background - it looks great!

  2. I am amazed that you can run 5 km ... I applaud you.

    Keep it up girl!

  3. I do hope you take the time to enjoy the weather with your extra week. I can't imagine the emotional ups and downs you must be going through.
    Will be in touch soon.

  4. Hi Beth
    My first two rounds of chemo were threatened by low white blood cells. However, they test me the day before chemo then if the blood isn't right, they test me again then and there. It means an hours delay but each time the cells have miraculously gone up over night. I hate the thought of delaying chemo because I just want this over with :0)

  5. You went for a run? Shame on me - I whimped out and walked the dogs instead. You are inspiring!

    Sheila, B.C.

  6. Running? Way to make me feel like a wimp...

    I only had a low white count once. I really was very lucky during chemo.

  7. Great that you went for your run Beth. Hoping that there are many sunny days were you can enjoy being outside while you are feeling good and there are no mosquitoes still! Keep up your great attitude and see you soon

  8. Oh my gosh Beth... You are "Superwoman" !!
    Enjoy the sunshine.....

    Alli XOX

  9. you RUN during chemo...i crawled!!! you are amazing.....