Monday, May 4, 2009

Port Care

First of all, I have to say the port is not too bad. I do have bruising, as well as some unexpected effects including a sore neck and pressure inside my throat, but have been reassured by the nurse today that these are normal after effects of the surgery. The port care today was quick - she made sure she could draw blood, then flushed it with saline and then a heparin lock (just enough heparin to fill it, to prevent any blood clots). She did give me an emla patch to apply an hour before chemo on Thursday, to numb it. I'm officially as prepared as I can be now... Brad is taking me and staying with me for chemo #1.


  1. I'll be there with you Thursday in spirit, sister - patting your hand with that special gentle touch learned from Grampa.

  2. Beth,

    One of the things I've done is gotten a portable DVD player and watch movies during the chemo treatment. My treatment is from 3 to 4 hours ... so a couple of movies ... maybe. Time flies.

    Just a suggestion.


  3. Beth, you seem to be doing a great job taking this one day at a time. That's never more important then during chemo. Be kind to your body and take it easy. Good luck on Thursday - I'll be praying for you.


  4. Hi Beth
    I am following your blog closely, I am just behind you....
    I will be thinking about you Thursday... Alicia

  5. Beth,
    I love your blog, I love your positive outlook, I love the way you take things one bit at a time. You will be fine on Thursday (my chemo day is a Thursday by the way) and I will pray for you. Take care xxxxxx

  6. Hi Beth.
    Many of us have walked this road and will walk beside you through your treatments.It's a long bumpy road but just take one day at a time.

  7. Hi Beth
    Me again, yes I live in Niagara not far from the Falls. You are about a week ahead of me in all the steps leading to chemo.Also thank you for the kind thoughts of my brother.. he is sorely missed...

    Thanks for posting... :)

  8. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday...

  9. Beth,

    I'm very happy to hear the port went in well! There seem to always be some weird side-effects they never really mention beforehand, but alas, they're worth it. Best of luck with chemo!

  10. Hi Beth,

    Thinking of you as you go through your chemo today.