Thursday, May 21, 2009

LGFB - Look Good Feel Better

I went to the LGFB session at the cancer centre last night. Wow, what an amazing program. It was great to meet some other people at the same stage as me. The volunteers that show how to apply the makeup and how to wear different head coverings were just great!! (Thanks Aly and Sunny!!)

Everyone was there to have a good time - you would never know these are cancer patients going through treatment - everyone was smiling and chatting. Most of us don't wear makeup which made it more fun to play. Did I mention you get a box full of brand name product to take home?

The timing was great for me, as my hair started falling out yesterday. I'll leave that for another post, all I'll say is my head started tingling and the hair comes out when you run your hands through it. No bald spots yet but my friend is on standby with her clippers...


  1. Oooh. You lost yours quickly. I enjoyed the 'Look Good Feel Better'. It was wonderful to talk with other people coping with the same thing. Everyone was very upbeat and hilarious.

  2. they do something like that in the bigger hospitals in the UK but not in Wrexham, yet. What a good idea. I wear more makeup now I have lost my hair, that, together with the funky turbans I wear means I get a lot of positive comments. My oncologist called me glamorous on Monday!
    Great to hear your approach is still positive. I have been looking out for your blogs

  3. That program is so good ... free goodies is the best.

  4. I also went to the LGFG program and it was an evening of fun with the women there. I came home with the box of goodies...some I was able to use and at this time of the year the sunscreen comes in handy.
    I remember the day I had my hair clipped. My husband, daughter and little grandson all took turns and we actually made a fun time of it. They took pictures that day and I have them on the slideshow on the side of my blog.