Thursday, May 7, 2009

First chemo - day 1

so far, so good... we're home and having lunch and putting a movie on. A bit of excitement at the start this morning when I told them I was still feeling pressure in my neck, they decided to do another x-ray to make sure the port-a-cath was still positioned correctly, not slipped back into a smaller vein or anything. This was pretty quick though, they confirmed its in place correctly and started the process. We even got to see the x-ray.

I had my own little room with a bed because they like to keep you by yourself the first time so they can take their time explaining everything step by step. They run saline first and give you the anti-nausea pills, wait about 20-30 minutes, and then started the first chemo. The red one. They push it into the IV with 3 big syringes. Then the second one, just one big syringe. Then the third one they use the bag because it goes in over an hour. Meanwhile they served coffee, and even some chicken noodle soup. We were there just over 3 hours, including the x-ray.

As they say, everyone has their own reaction, the most common being tired, achey, and nauseous. Will keep you posted... Beth.


  1. I find that staff at the cancer institute so nice and caring.

    We have volunteers too that help with warm blankets and such.

  2. At least you have the first one over with and the mystery is over.

    I have been thinking of you today and hoping that things were ok. Glad you are still being positive.

    Hang in there girl! :0)

  3. Beth, you sound like you're doing great. Keep it up!


  4. I've been thinking of you today. Just the fact that I came in to find a blog post on your first day made me glad. Like Sharon said, 'Rest!'

  5. I have been thinking about you all day! Glad to hear it went well. I will call you in the next day or two.

    Rest and take care,