Sunday, May 10, 2009

First chemo - day 4

I'm back. I pretty much slept the rest of Friday and all of Saturday. It's Sunday now (Happy Mother's Day!) and the nauseous feeling seems to be gone, but my energy is zero. I sat out in the sunshine for a while (properly covered), and for the first time I actually feel like I have cancer. I sure hope the energy picks up so I can go back into denial. My brother and sister-in-law just called to see if I'd like anything since they're coming over - I will see if a Tim Horton's iced capp will revive me (caffeine, sugar...). Thanks for all the good wishes, here or in e-mail, much appreciated.
... Beth


  1. I sure like your line ... I sure hope the energy picks up so that I can go back in denial.

    So true ...

  2. Daria took my line...your line was perfect. Your chemo experience seems to sum up my chemo experience. A couple days of nausea, dragging butt the rest of the time. About the time I started feeling like my old self again, it was time to do chemo again.... All in all, not the best of times, but not nearly as awful as people's stories had led me to believe.

  3. very well put, Sister. (don't let anyone convince you that I'm the writer in the family, that line was letter perfect)

  4. Oh my!!!!! Takes me back about 6 months to those down days of chemo. I was a coffee addict, but lost my taste for it during those chemo days. Still don't drink much of it since "kicking the habit!"

    You are so right --- I definitely felt like a genuine cancer patient during those days on the downward slope. Denial days are so much better, aren't they? Why would anyone want to live in reality anyways?????

  5. All these symptoms will eventually get better as the days go by. Like Cora, I couldn't drink coffee and Timmy's is my favorite. Actually I had lunch there today.
    Soon you will be able to go back into denial for awhile again.

  6. You are so positive, I love reading your blog. Your energy levels will pick up but dont expect to be super woman! Chemo knocked me for six this time around, probably because my TOTM was due and 11 days later I am feeling more like me. Just remember to take it easy even if you feel ok xxx

  7. Glad to hear things are going well so far. I was sorry to miss you when you came for your MUGA. (but mexico was calling me again) If you are ever needing a visitor during chemo, I'm usually at work mon, tues, thurs. I'd be glad to drop by for a bit. Enjoying your blog and your positive attitude and sense of humor. :)

    PS. if you need more headwear, I have some spare pirate bandanas!!

    Take care,