Thursday, May 14, 2009

First chemo - 1 week behind me

Other than the low energy, I'm feeling pretty normal again. I ate 3 normal meals yesterday (Brad took me out for lunch, my friend Barb dropped off dinner, my mother-in-law baked blueberry muffins - how lucky am I!) I remind myself every 5 minutes or so not to be frustrated by my lack of energy, just listen to my body and be thankful there's nothing that I NEED to get done. But then I get frustrated again...

Farrah Fawcett's story of living with cancer is on NBC Friday night - will be a tear jerker...

Let's hope for warmer weather for our (Canadian) May long weekend this weekend...


  1. How nice that you are getting out! Take it one step at a time, rest when you need to, and you WILL get through it! Praying for you all the way! Cora

  2. I am frustrated by my lack of energy too. I just pace myself, rest often and try to listen to my body. You are doing so well.

  3. Hey Beth, just a quick note from the East to remind you that you're in our thoughts alot. We're sticking around home this longweekend. We thought briefly about going camping but the weather's supposed to be crappy, as usual, for May long. 25 yrs ago we would have been standing around a wet campfire with a cold beer & a big head - no problem!
    We're looking forward to seeing you & the boys again this summer.
    Take care
    Love from the Pollocks

  4. Hi Beth
    good to hear that you are doing alright from your first chemo.. I feel like I am walking one week behind you so I anxiously read your blog and hope my experience won't be too bad either...

    Alli xx

  5. Glad to hear your feeling better each day! Try to rest whenever you can! Want me to send you some Florida sunshine?? Hugs to you! XOXO

  6. Where are you Beth, hope you are ok? Missed you blogging xx