Saturday, May 23, 2009

My hair is gone...

Well I had 2 grumpy days while my hair was falling out. We went out for dinner last night and I had to wear a hat because I couldn't do anything with what hair I had left. I don't wear hats. So this morning, my friend Kathy (Carter's friend Sam's mom) came over and buzzed off what was left. I immediately felt much better. It does make it harder to be in denial though...

It started falling out exactly 2 weeks after my first chemo.


  1. Beth you are a beautiful soul hat or no hat you'll look great. Don't forget I'm just a few days behind you!!

  2. The early days of hair loss are really hard even when you think you are prepared for it. I remember my first night out and I cried, I felt ugly. I hate hats too, I only wear them now when I am cold and I cover up when I leave the house and if my mum and dad come over because it is upsetting for them to see me like that.

    You are a beautiful person inside and out Beth, I look forward to your blogs, I feel drawn to your spirit. Hold onto that thought and love yourself xxxx

  3. You are allowed to be grumpy, sad or anything else you want to be when losing your hair. I think that was the single hardest thing for me. Do you like scarves? I just received the most beautiful head wrap scarf from a group called Good Wishes. They give one free to each person experiencing hair loss. It is pure silk and soft and beautiful. Their website is I just received mine and it is beautiful. Hugs to you.

  4. It is hard to loose that hair ... but loosing it in chunks was worse for me. It's best to get it all cut off at once.

    There are so many new beautiful hair dresses out there ... you just have to find the one the suits you.

    Have fund looking ....

  5. Hi Beth
    Glad to find another runner. You will run that marathon. I loved the LGFB program too and I got my wig there also (though that's not part of the official program). The hair loss was very hard for me too. I remember the weight of my hair actually bothered my scalp and I cut it off just to relieve the pain. This happened in mid-December-16 days after my first Adriamycin. I am still waiting for hair. I seem slower than others. Maybe I have 1 cm now.
    Also I got a head covering like Roxanne above from Good Wishes. They do send to Canada.

  6. for someone who doesn't wear hats, you looked very comfortable and stylin' in the headscarf/Tilley hat combo you rigged up while you were gardening today.