Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I'm still doing okay with the port, hit the 48-hour mark this morning - time to take the 1st bandage off and have a shower (always feels good). Just a couple of steri-strips still on it over the stitches. 'Port care' tomorrow - seems kinda soon to be poking around but I guess they want to make sure its working for Thursday - 1st chemo. I am definitely nervous about the chemo - you can't be prepared for it when you don't know what your reaction will be - everyone has such a different reaction to it. I've warned the boys that I will likely be throwing up and/or very tired, and either one will make me grumpy, so they need to be really nice...


  1. Beth,

    As hard as it may sound, try not to get to worked up about the chemo ... I think chemo is very psychological as well as physical.

    When I started chemo in August, I created a spreadsheet with all the side-effects I felt each day of my chemo cycle ... so, I pretty well knew exactly how I would feel throughout the next cycle.

    I will be thinking of you on Thursday.


  2. Hard as it seems try not to go on everyone else's experiences. Write your own story. I'll be praying for you Thursday.

  3. Seriously, they have very good stuff for nausea. Do not go in there expecting the worst. I like Roxanne's comment: write your own story. Chemo was not fun, but it was not horrible either. Although I had some mild nausea, I kept to the scheduled medications and it never went farther than that. I was tired, and napped pretty much daily, but after a couple days, I was able to be up and around. I was not a fireball of energy, but I was able to accomplish things. I'll check back to see how you made out. Good luck, my dear.

  4. I agree with everyone above. Just don't get nerved up over it!!!! Because I'm overweight, my chemo was 3x the strength normally given, and I was warned that I might have a hard time. I never needed the nausea pills at all. I did get very tired, and had other side effects, but it was manageable. I know you will do ok! Take something to read and to munch on! It gets very boring sitting there staring at your toes!

  5. Take it in moments and breathe. I remember the fear I had over starting chemo was huge and overwhelming. {{{Gentle Hugs}}}

  6. You sound so positive which is a good thing. Don't worry about chemo, just deal with it when it comes. It is a poisen but it is your friend, it is going to stop that cancer in its tracks. I plan to take chocolates in to my next chemo session because I want to celebrate the last of the epi-reubison, I will share them with the other patients and staff, I will try to get some red ones cos thats the colour of my chemo. Think positive.

  7. Beth -- consider asking for ativan before chemo. I find sedatives work wonders.