Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chemo #5 is on for Thursday

I had my bloodwork done today and met with the doctor. My hemoglobin is low (from the chemo), but not low enough to stop my next chemo (120 is normal, mine is 95). He also said my liver enzymes were 'acting up', and not to worry, but he wants a CT scan. That will be scheduled in the next week or two.

He also made sure I was ready with a new anti-inflammatory medication, and some ativan to help me sleep at night (as well as the percocet I have from last time). I guess I'm as prepared as I can be.

We had a nice weekend at the lake, visiting with our friends. I have guests in this week, so we'll go for lunch and shopping tomorrow (and I'll miss my new support group). Have to enjoy that last day before chemo!


  1. Yes, please do enjoy the good days! I find that to be really helpful myself so far. It sounds like you are very prepared for this next cycle and I bet it does the trick too! Good luck with the upcoming scan - I hope and pray it comes back totally clear for you so you can put your mind at ease and focus on finishing up your treatment. How many more cycles do you have left? I just had my 2nd today so we'll see how this one treats me ;)...I have 6 more to go (total of 8).

    Fight on, sister! I pray for a smooth cycle for you - with good sleep, no pain (or at least well managed pain so it isn't bad), and so on. Cycle 5 must be good to you! :) Hugs!

  2. God Beth we are both a mixed bag of nerves it seems. Somehow I follow your lead, if you are OK then so will I be....Thanks for the comment on my new picture. I will have to take my paintings from storage sometimes in the near future and photograph them.
    These bloody steroids gave me another sleepless night.......
    Alli xx

  3. Oh yes we make the most of the good days...with gusto!!

    I'm glad the doctor has you drugged and ready to go....and from here some visualization might help...seeing yourself in the place you want to be, vs. where you think you might be if all the drugs don't do their thing. Visualization was one of the techniques I used before during and after. I find it calms me...can't hurt to try, right? Sending you positive and loving vibes!!!

  4. sending you strength and love...

  5. Enjoy lunch Beth and I hope things go smoothly this round

  6. Hugs and prayers for the next round:)

  7. Ativan has helped me so much ... hope it helps you too.