Monday, August 31, 2009

I can't wait to feel good...

Day 4 of chemo - back is very achey and weak feeling, but I'm still going for 1 or 2 slow walks around the block each day. It's hard to sit up, so most of the day is laying down or snoozing. No appetite, but that is way better than nausea... I just make sure I eat something to keep my strength up. My spirits are good (thanks for all the support!!)

I just want my energy back now... very soon...


  1. I feel for you Beth. I remember those days, but you are doing exactly what you should be doing. Resting, snoozing, napping...and eating yes. No appetite is better than nausea but strength is a must, so even a can of boost or ensure or a smoothie full of nutrients is just what you need. Sending you lots of warm, supportive hugs...wishing I could send you energy in a bottle!! ♥

  2. Brings back memories for me ... feeling like a slug and in a fog. It was a major accomplishment to have a shower each day - if I did that I knew I was going to be ok - even if I slept the rest of the day away. And, it was a bonus if I walked to the mailbox and back!

    You will start feeling better soon and your energy will come back!

    Heh - forward thinking - when's your next 1/2 marathon? I'd love to run it with you! - Let's make it a goal for 2010 or 2011!!!!

    Sheila, B.C.

  3. Beth, it will come back soon but don't try to rush things even on a good day. It will come back when you are ready. Rest up for the next few days. :):)

  4. Hang in there ... soon you will feel better.

  5. Congratulations! I used to keep on saying to myself "the sicker I am, the healthier I will be."

    Remember, it takes about a year for all the steroids and stuff to flush out of your body. You'll gradually get your strength, brain and activity level back, but don't expect it all at once. It WILL happen, just keep on saying as your mantra that old TM phrase "Every day I'm getting better and better."

  6. Each day that goes by you will get stronger and stronger and remember - NO MORE CHEMO to knock you back - YIPEE!!!!! How Great is that?

  7. Now Beth I would be lying if I totally pretended to remember half of the books I have read as seriously I have read tons.

    All I remember is that I loved it and it was one of my favourite.

    It was about the slow guy right? Don't forget I read this probably over 30 years ago. And I remember, oh I think it is coming back to me, did he have sex with a girl and she died??? Anyway I remember it being really sad.

    Am I on the right story?

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. Hang in there! You're doing awesome! You're a great model for those of us with several more cycles to go...and a great one at that. The fact you're still walking even though you're achy and tired - bravo! Hugs to you!