Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chemo #5

# 5 is done, only 1 more to go!! It went fairly smoothly, I was home at 12:30 and down for a nap shortly after. Went for a little bike ride around 3:30 for some fresh air.Taking it easy for the rest of the evening. NO NAUSEA. Last time I felt fine for the first 2 days, and then the pain hit, so I am making sure to relax and not overdo anything.

Yesterday's girlie lunch at Pine Ridge Hollow was so nice - cute restaurant, great gift shop, a huge flower garden and a petting zoo with pigs and goats.

Thanks for all the suport and hello to my new followers!
Take care,


  1. Making the most of the "good" time, being prepared for what might come...but no nausea?!?! Woo Hoo...that's wonderful!!! :)

  2. Great to hear your news. I am following your journey closely. You are going out more than I am - scared of those germs. I am anxious about having the taxotere next time - start the steriods the day before and they tell me they pack my hands and feet in ice during the chemo.
    Claire (your new buddy)

  3. Hi Beth, long time. I heard from Dolores a while back what is going on in your world and she shared your blog with me. I'm so glad you are keeping a running log, so I could find out how you are doing.
    We have been crazy busy the last few months, but things have slowed down now. I'd love to stop by and say hi...or go for a walk with you, if you are up for it. We are going camping this weekend. Maybe I'll check to see how you are doing next weeki, ok?
    All the best in the next few days! Hope it's better than last round! Thinking of you.
    Chris Friesen

  4. Only one more to go ... wow that is great!

    Take care this weekend and hope it's not too bad.

  5. Great to hear that there is only one more to go. Makes me cross at my chemo regime for breast cancer as I started mine 20th March and still have 3 more sessions to go (had one yesterday), have one next week then the others on 3rd and 10th Sept. It has been a long hard journey. Glad you are enjoying yourself though and getting out and about, that is the crux of getting through this nightmare. Keep feeling good xx

  6. So glad to hear that you had no nausea and also that you are keeping as active as you can. My 6 treatments were all FEC so I can't compare them to Taxotere.
    One more to go, wow, it seems to have gone fast but I know for you it hasn't...time for celebration then.
    Take care Beth and enjoy the next few days.

  7. Hi Beth
    Yesterday I did quite a bit to get caught up on a few things around home. Today my legs are very sore and Im feeling very wonky when I walk...there is joint pain and Im trying to deal with it.
    Me too one more to go, then radiation. and No Nausea!!

    Alli xx

  8. Hi, I like the cartoon below of the girl hanging from a tree. That's how I often feel. :) Glad you are soon through!