Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chemo #4 continued

Today is day 8; I am finally on the upswing. The T3's have me feeling sluggish and a bit dizzy, but I finally got some sleep last night. Brad and I met with the oncologist today and he has put me on something stronger (Percocet - which is acetaminophen and oxycodone) to get me through the rest of this one, and then next time we'll obviously start sooner. Percocet has the same side effects as Tylenol, so I am taking good old Senna-S for that.

I am walking funny (and slowly) because my hips hurt as well as my lower back. Oh and I had to report I had a sore throat (I really didn't want antibiotics because I just have too many different things I'm taking right now). Luckily he said it looks okay and gave me some mouthwash that numbs the area so it won't hurt when I eat.

Last neupogen shot for this round was this morning!

Tomorrow's post will focus on thanking everyone who has helped me get through this one... I couldn't do it without you!!


  1. You're one strong woman. Strength is not about finding everything easy - it's about when it is so hard and you keep going anyway.
    What a great example you are for all of us!

  2. Tomorrow's post? Beth you are a trooper...I'd be curled in my bed and blanking out until the pain has passed!! I'm so glad the onc gave you something stronger...and you know to take your Senna!!! I have to say of all the symptoms, side effects I had from chemo the worst one was right at the beginning with that constipation!!! Once I got that under control I didn't care what else was going to happen!!! :)

    Sleep on!!!

  3. Oh how I wish I knew about that Senna when I spent 2 weeks on Percocet following my double-mastectomy a month ago. ugh! LOL You taught me something valuable just now - thank you!! I'm so glad you're on the upswing. You're a real trooper.

  4. Hi Beth,

    I don't know much about all those meds... just that they are pretty nasty and yet much needed. We are glad to learn that you are doing better though; having that awesome reno at the cottage/just getting out there is something to look forward to! It looks great!

    Way to go for being so strong! You are in our family's thoughts more often than you know...

    Take care,
    Faye, Trevor, Colbie and Connor