Saturday, March 20, 2010

3rd week back at work...

I worked 30 hours this week (6 hour days). Next week will be 7 hour days. I like being at work, I enjoy my job and I work with great people. My plan is to focus on keeping work in its place and not get too stressed about it... Yeah right... Like a lot of companies, it is tough times, and people are asked to cut costs and work smarter. In the 3 weeks I've been back, we are reducing our office space (downsizing the cubicles), and we've done some layoffs (people I respect and know well). I'm glad I'm back if I can help make this easier for anyone, but it sure makes it tough to 'leave work at work'. My advice to others on returning to work is to be sure you have a strategy for handling the stress. For me it is walking/running (outside) and loud music while I fall asleep (blocks out the thoughts running through my head). Headphones.

I'm not going to blog about work, this is my cancer blog. I think I'm almost done, I want the cancer story to come to an end. My oncologist bumped this month's appointment to next month. I want to hear that my blood work is back to normal and have him confirm the mammogram was clean. I want to tell you the follow-up plan, and then be done.

Take care everyone.


  1. Glad to hear that you're back to work and feeling so good! And one of the ways I wind down is to run, like you do!

    Have a great week, and make sure to get enough rest!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I see that you are online now in communicator. I think I also remember you being on the call for the Prosight Project Financial View training. Welcome back. :) I hope to catch up with you sometime in the near future. In the meantime, take it easy and welcome back!!!

  3. It is good to be getting back to normal. for me though I am still having side effects so its hard but hey ho xx