Monday, April 19, 2010

7+ Months post-chemo

I had my 6 month follow-up today and all is good. My bloodwork is 100% back to normal (finally!!) My oncologist will continue to monitor me, he'll see me in 6 months and do bloodwork again. He ordered a bone density scan (I have never had one yet). I'll have annual mammograms. And just keep my fingers crossed.

Here's my hair - I'm going to keep it this short through the summer and then we'll see. This is my natural hair color, but I'll probably get some highlights soon. It sure is easy!

As for side effects, I still have some numb toes, but not all 10 anymore. They do drive me crazy some days. It still hurts where the original surgery was, but I've stretched enough that my fingers don't fall asleep or get numb anymore. My taste buds are pretty normal, although coffee has never been quite right again. I've pretty much given up on it and mostly drink green tea now.

My eyebrows didn't come back the way they used to be. They're very light and patchy, but that's what eyebrow pencils are for!

My port incision is healed, but still is sore to touch. It took a long time for the last little stitch to come out.

I still have an ache in my lower back and my right hip. It's faded, or I've just gotten used to it. But if I think about it, it's there.

I've been back to work 7 weeks now, full time for the last 3 weeks. I'm tired in the evenings (so are most working people!) It's manageable. I'm enjoying being back, its gone a long way to making me feel 'normal'.

That's all for now. Take care...


  1. You go girl! Your hair looks awesome. mine came back curly and gray... just becareful when adding color.. remember you are dealing with brand new hair. Give your feet time.. if the feeling is going to come back it will within the first year after your last chemo.. I am glad your taste is back.. that is the one thing that hit me the most.. NO taste... the chemo should have blown out any allergies you use to well

    good news....

  2. Beth - you are amazing and you look great!!!!

    Sheila, B.C.

  3. you look and sound fantastic! i am celebrating with you!!

  4. Beth, you look awesome and I love your hair. Hope you don't mind that I saved this photo of you as I want to get my hair cut like yours.
    No more checkups for you for 6 months....woohoo!

  5. Hello Beth

    Wow you look great! I am a recent breast cancer survivor and much like yourself have begun a mission to live healthier through exercising (I am training for marathons to so we have that in common) and meal preparation. I think you might be interested in this new show that I am producing check it out and tell me what you think!

    Best Health,

  6. All the best to you Beth ...