Thursday, March 4, 2010

Working and Sleeping

I'm enjoying being back at work. I feel like I'm playing dress-up everyday (business casual office). And all these friendly people around (I'm so used to being alone on my couch, in my sweats or jammies). The thing is though, after 4 hours each day, I need a nap in the afternoon, and I'm still in bed by 8:30pm. Asleep in a second. I'm not getting up any earlier than I was - I still drive Carter to school and then head on to work instead of returning home, but wow am I tired. Can't keep my eyes open.

Yesterday evening I drove Carter to the outdoor skating rink, which is only a couple of blocks away. I made 2 wrong turns. He was looking at me funny. He asked me if I was okay to drive, if I was on any pain medication that could affect my driving. He's 12. I said no, not on anything, this is what being tired does to my brain. Hard to focus on what I'm doing.

We'll see if I can stay up tonight (I have to, we watch "Survivor" !!)


  1. I am a survivor fan too!

  2. Oh, my comment did not take. I was going to say, "Welcome back to 'normal'" Ain't it just grand?

  3. Congratulations Beth! My friend took quite a while to get back to full time-she really did experience a lot of exhaustion. It just took a lot of time. I think she renegotiated a bit and scaled back to shorter work days and 1 less day/week and then gradually built back to full time.

    Anyway-you have had quite the year...Glad you are doing so well!



  4. glad its not just me then, I get so so tired these days and I am not working. Sometimes I am so tired my brain gets all fogged up and I feel confused , its not a nice feeling.

    How are you anyway? I always think of you x

  5. Hi
    Its good are working it is normal to be tired, I am not working and I am tired .
    Keep up the good work

  6. Wow Beth - back to work ... that's a milestone! Take it slow and rest often.

    Sheila, B.C.

  7. Be good to yourself, and understanding. It's amazing you are back to work already, and totally fine to be tired! I am a breast cancer survivor, and was lucky to be working for ChiliTechnology during my treatment so had access to a ChiliPad. Anyone out there who is on Chemotherapy and having trouble with heat or chills - I highly recommend it. It's a simple mattress pad that cools the bed (or heats it). It has a big temperature range and you can set different temperatures for each side of the bed. It was definitely a lifesaver for me, hope this helps someone!

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