Friday, June 5, 2009

Low white blood counts = Neupogen injections

Had my lesson at the hospital this morning on how to give myself an injection - once a day for 5 days for each cycle of this chemo. These injections stimulate the bone marrow to create more white blood cells.

Side effects can be aching bones, and sometimes nausea. Here's hoping for no side effects since I'm still pretty weak from last chemo...

Chemo is evil.


  1. I did the shots also and they did cause some bone pain but it could have been from the chemo. It's good you can give yourself daily shots though because it is supposed to be tolerated easier than once a week mega doses. Good luck. Stay well!!

  2. Hi Beth.
    I had the neupogen shots as well because my second round of chemo left me in the hospital for 11 days. I had them right through my treatments after that and never had a problem. Luckily I had no bone pain with them. At the clinic they showed my husband how to do it so he would inject me with it. They are really expensive but if you have extended medical it will cover it.
    I hope you are doing okay now.
    Jill :)

  3. Oh I so agree ... chemo is evil.

  4. Chemo is definitely evil!!!!! I had the neulasta shot, which was just one shot the day after the chemo. I always felt so horrible after that, but wasn't sure if it was the neulasta or the chemo. It will all be over soon, I promise!!!!!

  5. Do you want me to give you the shots? I can come by everyday.
    Will call you tomorrow....

  6. Poor you Beth, I can't think of anything worse! My little boy talked to his nain (gran) yesterday, he got upset at why I had to have poisen. I see chemo as my friend, my insurance policy... but it is evil

  7. chemo is evil...and i hated the neulasta shots too....but i never got sick...sending love and gentle hugs to you.

  8. My husband was told he could give himself neupogen shots. His md said it was the sane as insulin injections. is that so. should he pinch the area to get a more fatty spot . The only real fat on him is hiss tummy, but he wants to use his arm. thanks for your help

    1. Yes, I would pinch the fattest part that I will hurt less. I would go the stomach route.
      Good luck!