Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2nd chemo - first week behind me

I've been feeling good since Monday, and I've gone for a nice walk each day. I do have an ache in my lower back and my shoulder, not too bad, but hopefully not a side effect of the neulasta injections.

My husband and kids keep rubbing my head and teasing me because its getting smooth (the bit of stubble left from shaving it is disappearing). My eyebrows are getting thinner too, but still good for now. We have briefly discussed options for drawing the eyebrows in once they're gone (unibrow, a V, or perhaps one raised higher than the other in an ever skeptical look).

Have a good day,


  1. Walks are important Beth...keep them up when you are able to. I love the fact that your husband and kids rub your head. They seem to do that when we are bald and then it continues still for awhile when your hair starts to grow back. You will get used to drawing the eyebrows on, it just takes a bit of practice. You will do fine:)

  2. I genuinely giggle-snorted when I read the eyebrow options that are being discussed.

  3. Hi Beth
    I laughed at the head rubbing comment. My son is constantly rubbing my head...glad you did well after your 2nd chemo.I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. Thank goodness for make-up. You'll have to post a picture with the 3 eyebrow options ... maybe we can vote for the best one ... ;)

  5. my little boy tickles my face and head to "make me feel better" lol! I haven't lost all of my eyebrows but I pencil them in and they seem ok.

  6. I vote for 1 raised higher than the other! Perfect for when you go back to work (heh heh)

    Sheila, BC

  7. Beth the ever-sceptical look sounds like it could be very interesting.

    I am sorry to hear that you have cancer, but know that you can make it.

    Renee xoxo

  8. I think that drawing them in a fierce angry look would keep the kids in line...

  9. I STILL have no eyebrows - 18 months after completing treatments...I draw them on every single day and they never look the same twice!!