Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been a good week

I walked every day. Our summer weather has finally arrived!!
Here are some pics with the wigs. My sister is modeling the fun ones. She shaved her head a couple of weeks ago to show her support for me and to get an idea of what I am going through. She is very handy with the scarves (she is the queen of accessorizing). One thing I've noticed is that her hair is growing back and mine isn't :(
I will be sticking to scarves and the hats my mother-in-law made for me (pics of those coming soon). Much more comfortable, although the wig made me look so 'normal'!!


  1. Beth - you look amazing!!!

    Sheila, B.C.

  2. That was so brave of your sister shaving her head in support of you! So which wig did you decide on? I know you won't wear one much in the summer. My peak baldness occured in the winter. I lost my hair in mid-December after starting chemo 12-2. My last treatment was 3-10 but I still have less than an inch of hair. I didn't lose my eyelashes and eyebrows until April but now they are back.
    Anyway, even if you aren't running at the moment, you are a runner. The walks will help so much. Thanks for the kind words on my blogs!

  3. Beth, you look great, the short one is so good. My NHS wig is awful, much prefer my scarfs and turbans!

    Your sister is amazing! How cool is she?????

    Love your blogs Beth xx

  4. The eyebrows and eyelashes were the worst for me. You don't realize how much of your personality is expressed with them. Also, it makes your face 'look funny' but it takes people a while to figure out why. So they stare as they puzzle it out. Excruciating. But I got used to it.

  5. I like the short one. Maybe because it looks like your real hair. But then I've never been good with change so don't listen to me:) What a neat sister you have!

  6. The one you are wearing looks totally natural. I do think the red one looks "hot" though...maybe just save that one for "special" evenings! I think for the eyebrows, you should go with the funky paw prints or vines. Good for Del for joining you in support. I do think you look fantastic. It was great seeing you on Saturday. You are amazing!

    Next time at my place. No sick kids, I promise!

  7. Yes the one you are wearing looks really good ... I think it is a keeper.

  8. You look FANTABULOUS Beth!!

    Your sister is outstanding!!