Friday, October 30, 2009

Radiation side effects

I'll do another post like this in a couple of weeks because the radiation oncologist says the side effects peak 2 weeks after treatment is completed (since the radiation keeps working for 2 weeks).

For now though, I'm doing really well. My skin is pink, and where the scar is, is very tender to touch, but no broken skin or blisters. I'm definitely tired, but that's still leftover chemo too. So really not bad, this treatment has gone by very quickly.

From the chemo, most of my muscle aches are gone, although my right arm is very achey (which is also where I'm being radiated so who knows...). The only other thing is my toes are numb (the pins and needles feeling). All 10 toes, all the time. That's common too from the taxotere, but gets quite annoying. But I've heard some people end up with bad nerve pain in their feet, so I'm not complaining (much) about numbness...

Have a good weekend and a fun Halloween everyone!


  1. glad that the radiation side effects are minimal...i had terrible blistering but even that goes away with time...the food numbness is annoying and two years out i still feel it when i get especially tired...

  2. Happy Halloween weekend to you and your men in your life !!!!! Glad to hear your finished your first batch of radiation , your a tropper Beth. Enjoy your trip with the girls, you sure deserve it !!!!! enjoy the wine,and fun times also the warm weather !!!! Eddie & I give you a big HUG , Have FUN !!!!

  3. Yay!
    Happy Birthday Beth!

  4. Beth - ask your doc about using glutamine powder daily to help manage the tingling/numbness from the taxotere treatments. my holistic MD doc from ucla told me to use it 2-3x/day in cold beverages and it basically stopped the progession of the neuropathy in its tracks and is helping keep it at bay so far since then too. it's a tasteless powder that's easy to add to cold stuff like water, juice, etc.

  5. So glad that your side effects are minimal. My breast was so sore and wept at one point but I think I told you that I used nursing breast pads with loads of diprobase on it and that helped alot.

    I hope the tingling goes away soon and bless you Beth for always being there for me xx

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