Thursday, October 15, 2009

Radiation # 7 - getting sensitive

My scar area started getting sensitive after #6. I also noticed the whole area was quite achey when I was trying to sleep last night. I mentioned it at treatment this morning (they ask you every day how you are doing). They said its all normal - the scar area typically gets irritated first, just keep applying cream several times a day (I'm using glaxal base). The muscle type aches are because the area swells (gets inflamed) from the radiation. Advil should help.

7/20 done, this is going pretty quickly.


  1. Glad you are finding that it is going quickly Beth. Sorry that the aches are happening...when you think of how much power there is in those zaps, it's not surprising...sounds like you are dealing with all of this very well!

  2. Sorry you are achey, take some pain killers though and make sure you keep slapping on the cream. It is 2 weeks since my last radiotherapy session and I am still sore but it gets better each day. You are doing really well so keep going!!

  3. my skin sunburned and the nipple was and is very sensitive.
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  4. Hey, you are more than one-third of the way through the radiation! GOOD for you! Hang in there, and like Sara said, keep the skin cream coming! Wishing you the best!