Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Radiation #5

So far so good. Completed 4 treatments last week, and today was my first of 4 this week. No side effects so far, and going for treatment is easy and painless. I'm glad it's at a different hospital than where I went for chemo, so I have no anxiety or even real association with cancer walking in.

My hair is slowly starting to come back on the sides. Nothing on top yet, but I hear that is the usual way it comes back. My eyebrows are completely gone, but I'm quite comfortable with my eyebrow pencil. My friend's mom who is 5 months ahead of me in treatment just had her 2nd haircut, and she looks great!


  1. Glad the radiation is going well Beth ... and that the hair is starting to reappear. It won't be long before you are getting your first haircut to get it growing into a shape!

  2. I found that my hair seemed to thicken first before it grew and I was a bit worried about the top bit but I shouldnt have because its now all even. My friends are amazed that it seems to have grown back in a style! As for your eyebrows, they will be back really soon!

  3. Glad to hear the radiation is going well for you! My hair came in slow and thin at first, and I thought I would have bald spots, but now it's all in really nice. I didn't lose ALL my eyebrows, but what I had seemed dead and brittle. They came back in faster than my hair. And my eyelashes?????? They are soooooo long now. I always complained about my short, stubby eyelashes, and now they are nice and long!

    There's nothing better than seeing hair grow back. It's like the light at the end of that awful tunnel, isn't it????

  4. Nice to hear it's a different hospital.

    Oh having the hair grow back is so exciting ... it first comes back so peachy soft.