Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Radiation Markings

Feeling good, spent the long weekend at the lake. Am enjoying coffee again!

I went for my radiation markings this morning. It didn't even take 30 minutes. I changed into the ever-fashionable hospital gown, laid down on a hard surface, and the two technicians marked me and moved me in and out of the CT scanner a few times. Then they tattooed the 4 markings (permanent, but tiny dots) that will help the radiation technicians line me up properly for my treatments.

They said 25 treatments, tentatively starting in 3 weeks, but that I will get a call to come in and meet with the doctor first. So I don't know too much else.


  1. You look so good in the photo Beth...good for you going commando, lol.
    The number of treatments sounds about average. I had 28 treatments. You may get tired after awhile but usually that is about all you get...nothing like chemo!
    Keep us posted on how you are doing Beth.

  2. Hey Beth you look great against that new pine wall! Glad you are feeling so positive and ready for the next step in your wellness plan

  3. Hi Beth
    You look wonderful!!


  4. Looking good ... all the best to you with the radiation treatments.

  5. Radiation, yes I remember it well.

    It helped me a lot.

    Love to you dear friend.

    Chemo behind you. Yahoo.


  6. Look at you, cutie patootie!!!
    All set and ready for rads...I'm glad you are having the pause in between and I hope you are finding wonderful things to do to pass the time.

  7. You look gorgous, the colour lilac is healing and looks lovely on you.

    I have 3 tats!! lol we can all be the tatooed ladies club!!!!! Had my last chemo today and it was ok, we discussed a port for my herceptin though but that isnt until Nov!!!!!!

    We are on the way up Beth.... I am so excited for us xxxx