Monday, September 14, 2009

Post-chemo update

I had an appointment with my oncologist this morning, to see where my blood counts are (two weeks since my last and final chemo). My white blood count is low (no surprise since I didn't do the neupogen shots with my last chemo). My red blood counts are still low (anemic), although a little higher than last time which is great news. He had done extra tests to see if my iron or B12 or something else was a problem, but nothing showed up. He feels it is all just caused by the chemo and will come up on its own.

I really ran low on energy on the weekend, to the point that my legs felt really heavy and hard to move. I'm just waiting for the energy to come back now so I can start a more regular walking routine.

Looks like radiation will start on Sept 28th, but no confirmation yet. I'm also waiting for the appointment to get my port removed.

Coffee tastes good again...


  1. Hi Beth! I am a breast cancer survivor too! I was diagnosed 3 and 1/2 years ago, at age 43. I, too, underwent surgery, chemo and radiation. Running is also a passion of mine, but my longest runs are 5-K's, unlike your marathons! But you'll be back to running again, just give it time. If you get a chance, visit my blog:

    I live in Pennsylvania, and I'm married with 3 children.

    Love to hear how things are going for you!


  2. I miss coffee! ;/ I'm glad you're enjoying it again - someday I will too :)

  3. You know you are coming back to normal when coffee tastes good again!!!

    And low energy...not surprising at this stage so resting and taking it easy is the best thing to do. The energy will return. It takes awhile, doesn't happen over night but it does come back! And the cell counts will rise!

  4. Oh Beth, that tired feeling is so bad! Each day will get better and better. Can you believe that my oncologist wanted me to have radiotherapy during chemo!!!!! I said No! Glad I did too! Radiotherapy is fine, just emotional because it is a cancer centre (Canolfan canser) not good x

  5. Beth, so happy to hear you're finished. Your counts will come back up and the sluggish feeling will pass with time. Just cut yourself some slack and rest. It's the very best thing to heal your whole body. Virtual hugs heading your way.