Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Keeping Busy

The joys of insurance companies - we had stayed at the lake between Christmas and New Year's, and when we got back, I had a message from the insurance company to call them. I called back and left a message, and we played phone tag for a week. When I finally reached her, she said they required a doctor's note or they would cut off my disability. Kind of a rude way to put it, but I said fine, I had one, and would get my husband to fax it the next day. Well three days later I get a letter in the mail saying they had cut it off, and I would need to launch an appeal to get it reinstated. When I phoned back, she said she had sent the letter before we talked, since she hadn't heard from me. Really? I had left her messages for a week trying to get in touch with her. Anyway, she said it would take a couple of weeks to review the fax I had sent in (it was 2 sentences from my doctor saying he recommended me staying off until at least March when he sees me again).

Then this week, I called our HR department to tell them I'm ready to come back March 1st. They told me I would need a note from the doctor saying I was 'released' to go back to work. Really? They couldn't just take my word for it? The doctor also has to provide my 'gradual back to work' plan. Since I'm quite sure my doctor will ask me what kind of back to work plan I think would work for me, I asked the HR person what a typical back to work plan is like, so I'm prepared. She recommended gradually increasing from a 4 hour work day 3x/week up to full time, over 4 to 6 weeks.

Luckily (?) I still have lots of doctors appointments, so easy enough to get the proper notes from them.

I started physio on my arm again last week, because of the aches I get down my arm and the numbness that comes intermittently in a couple of my fingers. It's my 'mouse' arm, and my job is on a computer most of the day.

I had my hearing checked, and I have a bit of hearing loss in my left ear, but very minor. The ear specialist asked me if the chemo I was on can affect hearing, and I said I didn't know, I thought he was supposed to know that.

Today is lunch with my support group celebrating one of them getting her port out. Finally. She finished chemo 2 weeks before me.


  1. Good news is you can learn to use the other hand to mouse. I had to a few years ago when I had rotator cuff surgery. I go back and forth all the time now and it is much less tiring switching back on forth. Glad you are doing well and will be back to work soon. You don't know me, but I stumbled across your blog a few months back while I was going through BC chemo.

  2. when I started back to work in Oct. I started with 15 hrs/week (three 5-hour days). I'm up to 23 hrs/week now and will keep it that way through radiation (starts next week I think) then back to full-time once that's done. Gradually is definitely the way to go. Good luck with the paperwork and back to work planning. Hugs!

  3. Remember to take it slow and easy returning back to work. At first you may be energetic but after a while ... it can get to be too much ... tiring.