Monday, April 27, 2009

Wig Shopping

In anticipation of losing my hair, my sister and I went "shopping" (free) for wigs and head coverings today. We started at the Vic since I needed to get blood work done anyway. Picked up 2 wigs and a couple of different hats. Then went to the Guardian Angel room at HSC. They have a full time volunteer in the wig room, and she was wonderful (even though we hadn't made an appointment). Left there with a long curly red wig and a couple of hats - one of which is really a one-of-a-kind. My mother-in-law sews blankets that she donates. I will see if she can re-create a pattern for this hat and make some more... I also have some cute hats and bandanas from Karen's mom - donated by her friends down in Texas that missed her in their winter-getaway trailer park this year.


  1. is it just me, or did anyone else laugh at this photo of all the head gear gathered on the floor?? we want LIVE ACTION shots, please! not fussy about who the model is. (Zach, how 'bout it?)

  2. Hi Beth
    Welcome to my site but as you can see, we can survive chemo. I see that you met with a radiation oncologist. How long of a course of radiation was recommended? Do they have a version of the American Cancer Society's Look Good..Feel Better program there? If so, I do recommend it.
    Some people recommend sucking on ice or popsicles while getting chemo to prevent mouth sores-the same principle behind cold mitts to protect nails. I sucked on lemon popsicles during the 10 minute push of Adriamycin because sometimes I could taste the bitter Adriamycin, which grossed me out.
    My nails don't look pretty but they are intact. They have white streaks and brown stains 7 weeks out from my last chemo.
    I wish you well. Eighteen weeks sounds daunting but you will get through this.

  3. Hi Beth, I had breast cancer too, had my lumpectomy and lymph node sweep on 13th Feb and started chemo on 20th March. I am having 4 lots of epi-reubison (am having my 3rd on Thursday) followed by 8 lots of CMF then radiotherapy for 3 weeks and then a year of herceptin. I see you like running?! I do too, when I found out I had cancer I was training for my first 10K on 1st March. I will do it next year xx

  4. Beth,

    I stumbled over your blog at another blog ... I think you left a message in my guest book but I couldn't link back to you.

    I've added myself as a follower on your blog and hope you do the same with me.

    Look forward to reading more ...


  5. Beth, my apologies ... I see you are a follower ... I'm going to blame it on the chemo I had today.

  6. Hi Beth

    I too will be starting chemo soon. I tought it was going to be the first week in may but due to some screw up I have to wait for another test to come back from testing. (it's in my blog)
    I wish you luck in starting your treatment... we will get through it!!


  7. can't believe the amount of hairpieces you already got. i guess you are well prepared! goodluck with the chemo and keep up with the blog.