Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Doctor called today - 2 days before my appointment - "Can you come in today to see me". So I called Brad at work and he came to pick me up... By now we had no idea what to expect. If you google 'lump in armpit' you find worse things than Breast Cancer, so when she said those words, it was like - well not good news, but not the worst it could be. She drew us a picture and explained it all (who knew there was breast tissue in your underarm - apparently its the 'tail' of your breast). Anyway, next step is surgery - normally there is a decision here of lumpectomy (take out the tumour) vs mastectomy (lose the whole thing) - but in my case since it was so far to the side the lumpectomy was the logical choice. First available surgery was March 2 - we had planned to be in Mexico then... what to do... Quick decision - Mexico won -we will do the trip and then surgery March 9th.