Sunday, June 12, 2011

I walked 20km!

I've never felt short in a picture before (I'm 5'8"!!)

What a great day for the walk. 700 people raised over $1 million for cancer research! I walked with Brenda, stayed pretty close with my teammates Izabela and Antoanela and Brenda's teammates Jan, Cindy, Esther and others. Had my 'sheepish fan club' including my sister and my boys at the beginning, a couple of checkpoints, and the last mile. Nancy and Lori on their bikes, Barb on her bike, Damien on his bike and so many others cheering us on.

I carried some names with me on my orange 'super hero' survivor scarf, people in my life who have fought cancer and people I met going through their cancer journey the same time as me:



  1. Congratulations Beth. That was quite the achievement! It is an honor to be on your list ,thank you for doing that. Quite a few of the names I recognize and some of them have become good friends. When I saw Daria's name it made me a bit emotional as she was there for so many people. I may get to meet Sue as I will be in England for a few days at the end of the month and if possible we want to try and get together.
    Get some have earned it!

  2. Aww Beth I just saw this now Congrats!! That is something great!!
    Thank you so much for including my name I so appreciate it......

    Love Alli XXX

  3. Great job, Beth! That is wonderful, and I am sure that it was a very fulfilling day for you on so many levels!

  4. Congrats on your 20 K. What an inspiration to fight the cancer battle and go on to help raise money for others. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!

  5. Hello Fellow Cancer Warrior!

    My name is Allison and I read your survival blog and it truly has moved me! I wanted to introduce myself and my new t-shirt line to you. I wanted to start a tshirt line because I had a few bad days due to chum and just wanted to scream out to the world how I felt. One night I had a vision to express myself and others on how we felt about cancer! And my dream came true with I am doing something special in the beginning of the line and that is limited editions. Part of the proceeds will go to non-profit cancer organizations. I would love for you to take a minute to look at my line and even spread it through out your friends and family. Im also on facebook under Warrior Tee Shirts. Thank you so much and continue to live a beautiful cancer free life!

    Allison Warrior Pickens

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  7. It's absolutely amazing to know that you have run 20km. Thanks for sharing some positive vibes